Welcome to our Research Associates

A big welcome to Heather Fraser, Janice Richardson, Laura Haag, and Yvonne Cunningham, who have recently joined the ReDirect Study Team. As research associates, they will be carrying out daily research activities. Janice and Laura will be involved in the delivery of the trial, including recruitment and guiding participants through the study. Yvonne will be responsible for interviews, during the process evaluation of the intervention. Heather will be working with Prof Emma McIntosh on the health economic evaluation for the ReDIRECT study. Their diverse backgrounds in nursing (Janice), molecular medicine (Laura), and qualitative health research (Yvonne), and implementation science and economic evaluations (Heather) make them well-rounded additions to the study team and we look forward to working with them. Welcome to the team! 

If you would like to get in touch with Janice, Laura, Yvonne, or Heather please email redirect-study@glasgow.ac.uk.